The Heliades collection



Inspired by the Heliades myth, we gave the name Heliades Collection to a state of the art tourism and residential project, as a devotion to the unique place of Rhodes and its eternal legends.

Ancient myths, exquisite sites, exclusive infrastructures and infinite services are meeting together in the Heliades Collection, aiming to one single intention; to provide divine luxury to its visitors. An excellent investment case with regal expectations is just a side-result of this meeting.

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Concept Techniki SA is a well established Greek company which provides reference services for multinational investors. The company was founded in 2000, providing vertically organized technology transfer, engineering, consultancy and contracting services with specialization in the development, implementation and management of demanding investments. Besides the state of the art infrastructures and its available up to date technological equipment, the most valuable asset for the company is considered its people and their business networks. Research and development activities hold a great importance for its administration. The company is mainly focused on the private sector, but it also participates in developmental and investment projects of the Greek public sector. Concept is headquartered in Heraclion, Crete, Greece and has more than 40 collaborates, of various engineering and scientific specialties. The company has branches in Athens, Thessaloniki and Cyprus. The operations and the internal procedures of Concept Techniki SA are certified after the ISO 9000 standard.

About the Logo of Concept Techniki SA
According to the decision EX 3744/30-06-2014 of the Ministry for Development and Competitiveness our logotype, is an international registered trademark under the full ownership and property of Concept Techniki SA.


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