The Heliades collection



Inspired by the Heliades myth, we gave the name Heliades Collection to a state of the art tourism and residential project, as a devotion to the unique place of Rhodes and its eternal legends.

Ancient myths, exquisite sites, exclusive infrastructures and infinite services are meeting together in the Heliades Collection, aiming to one single intention; to provide divine luxury to its visitors. An excellent investment case with regal expectations is just a side-result of this meeting.

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Since its foundation, as a company aimed to projects development and implementation, technology transfer and financial incentives exploitation, Concept Techniki SA has kept an uninterrupted creative course. Here are some of the major numbers and figures, throughout the company’s history:

  • The company founded in 2000 as a limited partnership the so called “Concept Techniki Ltd”;
  • In 2004 the company extended its scopes and in 2005 engaged vigorously in the Greek energy market;
  • In late 2008 the company completed its legal conversion, moved in modern infrastructures and became a Societe Anonyme;
  • The company has 2 operating branches, in Athens, Thessaloniki and 1 affiliated branch in Cyprus;
  • Up today it has established 5 joint ventures, partnerships or subsidiaries;
  • Nowadays the company has more than 60 experienced people (executives, employees and/or collaborators);
  • The company effectively served more than 300 clients from 4 continents and more than 20 different countries;
  • Out of its clients, 11 are listed in the Greek or international stock exchange markets;
  • More than 500 projects have been fully licensed and more than 200 business plans have been successfully executed throughout Greece and overseas;
  • The last 5 years the company held the project management or the turnkey development and construction of projects with budget that exceeds 120 million €.
  • The company has successfully completed more than 50 third party project due diligence assignments of various investments;                          
  • Up today more than 12 joint Research and Development projects are accomplished and 3 are ongoing.

Especially in the Energy Market:

  • The company has been engaged in more than 300 energy projects of overall power that exceeds 2,2 GW;
  • At the moment the company has accomplished detailed engineering and execution studies for project of more than 250 MWp installed power;
  • Up today Concept has grid connected of more than 180 smaller and bigger projects of 70 MWp installed power;
  • The company has successfully completed more than 30 third party project due diligence assignments and more than 15 successful projects transfers.                        


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