The Heliades collection



Inspired by the Heliades myth, we gave the name Heliades Collection to a state of the art tourism and residential project, as a devotion to the unique place of Rhodes and its eternal legends.

Ancient myths, exquisite sites, exclusive infrastructures and infinite services are meeting together in the Heliades Collection, aiming to one single intention; to provide divine luxury to its visitors. An excellent investment case with regal expectations is just a side-result of this meeting.

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Organization-Chart-properConcept Techniki SA should be primarily conceptualized as a human oriented system, deeply integrated in broader development initiatives and capable of adding value to a number of demanding business topics. To this perspective, the company is organized on the basis of contemporary standards, fully compatible to its compound and challenging scopes. Hereto, the organization chart of the company is structured and staffed in a way to ensure the provision of premium services and reference projects, which meet or overcome the needs of our clients. Therefore in Concept Techniki SA human resources are considered as the most valuable asset. 

The company’s major strategies and aims are set by its board of five (5) directors, which are supported third party independent consultants, holding high skills and expertise. Executive board members are devoted to diffuse these strategies to the department’s leaders and to ensure the smooth implementation of the set goals. Project oriented teams are flexibly and efficiently composed of, in order to complete assignments and to produce state of the art deliverables. It is usual  that the efficiency of such teams is further enriched with the aid of special independent associates, coming from the network of long term partners of the company.  

The company provides its staff with professional training, development programs and support. Working with multinational clients or in international environments or abroad, allows our people to gain new insights and knowledge. Concept encourages creativity and innovative thinking and gives employees and associates the opportunity to face new challenges to take on increased responsibility.

Concept’s executives place emphasis on effective leadership, the acquisition and retention of talent, setting clear targets, open lines of communications, excellent learning and development opportunities and a healthy, safe and energizing workplace – within a performance culture in which diversity is valued and individual success depends solely on personal merit and performance.


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