The Heliades collection



Inspired by the Heliades myth, we gave the name Heliades Collection to a state of the art tourism and residential project, as a devotion to the unique place of Rhodes and its eternal legends.

Ancient myths, exquisite sites, exclusive infrastructures and infinite services are meeting together in the Heliades Collection, aiming to one single intention; to provide divine luxury to its visitors. An excellent investment case with regal expectations is just a side-result of this meeting.

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To the aim to put forward tailor-made solutions and to achieve challenging goals in front of its clients, Concept Techniki SA appoints flexible and efficient working groups, which conquers strict requirements of knowhow and expertise. Success is guaranteed by utilizing also an extended tank of experts.  Nowadays, the company runs a bulky agenda of engineering, technological and techno-economical assignments.

A diligent growing up of this agenda and respectively of the volume of its clientele, is correlated to special attention that is paid to ensure quality, deep satisfaction and time lasting collaborations. Concept Techniki SA offers strategic and organizational improvement, develops innovative concepts and realistic solutions for its clients and achieves sustainable value for them. The main sectors that provides fully integrated services are classified as follows:


  • Engineering Services: That is the full implementation of modern technological approaches to the current level of knowledge and the search for optimal solutions by subject of assignment. These activities are embedded in extensive engineering implementation studies, but also in the development and monitoring schemes of the corresponding project. Provided as additional supportive services, is the full licensing of all investments throughout Greece.
  • Consulting Services: Hence, the complete vertical support to project financing issues, as well as the investment’s funding structure, accompanied by rigid legal support of any project, from the scratch. Services to this area include the elaboration, necessary feasibility and exploitation plans required for the inclusion in investment incentives initiatives, debt investment portfolios, and comprehensive due diligence and project’s evaluation activities. Hereto, our clients gain access to an immense expertise that guarantees advanced consulting services, related to market documentation and evaluation, technology due diligence, risk assessment, as well as feasibility and decision making studies for demanding projects.
  • Contracting and Development Services: The company and its subsidiaries, having implemented hundreds of complex technical projects in the sectors of energy, industry and tourism, can offer fully optimized superior tendering processes for the selection and procurement of equipment but also for the construction of building infrastructures, industrial plants and state of the art electromechanical installations, which are delivered entirely licensed, commissioned and fully-tuned. The company requires from the investor to assign the supervision and tracking of all of the individual phases of the project to an accredited independent auditor, practically zeroing the possibility of study or construction faults and failures plus ensuring the certification of the project delivered.
  • Turn Key EPC Services: Having studied energy investments of more than 250 MW installed capacity and built projects exceeding 80 MWp, the company, in the past five years, is classified as one of the most experienced and reputable Turn Key EPC contractors in Greece. The company currently holds unique expertise and know-how in complex energy production systems of low and medium voltage category, their optimization and facility management.
  • Operation and Maintenance Services: In 2013 the company, invested into an expensive monitoring and telemetry technology infrastructure (data center and control room), for renewable energy and industrial installations, while today implements a research and development joint projects on the same area. With modern procedures and technologies, the company offers O&M services prepared to ensure reference availability rates and performance ratios

The services provided by Concept Techniki SA, combine the deep understanding and knowledge of international business and project finance requirements with the excellent awareness of the national environment, its opportunities and threats.


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