The Heliades collection



Inspired by the Heliades myth, we gave the name Heliades Collection to a state of the art tourism and residential project, as a devotion to the unique place of Rhodes and its eternal legends.

Ancient myths, exquisite sites, exclusive infrastructures and infinite services are meeting together in the Heliades Collection, aiming to one single intention; to provide divine luxury to its visitors. An excellent investment case with regal expectations is just a side-result of this meeting.

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At Concept Techniki SA, Renewable Energy Sources (RES) Investors gain a unique access to all inclusive services, i.e. cutting edge technologies and products, executive project development and finance, state of the art engineering and premium EPC. Therefore, Concept SA is well known as an one stop company for energy investments. With respect to the specific profile and to the distinct needs of each Investor, Concept SA provides well processed and mature technology solutions able to withstand the test of time.

Solutions designed and offered, without compromising on quality, reliability, capacity and availability. The services that Concept SA has to offer are as follows:

a. Engineering – Executive Design & Consulting

  • Detailed engineering and consulting for a wide variety of utility scale investments;
  • Integrated and optimized implementation studies and documentation for any project;
  • Comprehensive energy studies, production potential and depiction of guaranteed magnitudes;
  • Certification of the engineering studies by Accredited Third Parties.

b. Procurement – Supply, Storage and Delivery Logistics

  • Selection of first-class equipment, contemporary with the occurring technological level;
  • Utilization of branded products just by internationally recognized and credible vendors;
  • Technical options and features with extendable warranties that hold substantial value;
  • Stock and spare parts for long term preventive and corrective maintenance availabilities.

c. Construction – Application in Practice

  • Worksites with the highest standards of workers’ health, safety and environmental protection;
  • Turnkey and optimized construction solutions, by highly trained and expert crews and supervisors;
  • Complete documentation of each project during construction and delivery of as build drawings;
  • Identical quality level for the hidden and underground with the visible and accessible projects entities;  
  • Evaluation and retrofit operations in third parties’ EPCs after their grid connection.

Prior to any EPC service quoting and contract, qualified Engineers with premium equipment visit the sites and prepare a thorough project documentation and evaluation report, in order to avoid pointless problems and to assure the smoothest possible implementation of the project.

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